In order to start working with the platform, you have to get registered on it. Click «Sign up» to complete the quick registration. You will see the short form which is to be fulfilled. After that, you are able to start working with the platform.

All the registration process takes you not more than 5 minutes. In the registration form, you have to put your personal and contact data: name, surname, phone number, and email. The two letters are needed to receive all the messages concerning investment and all the other kinds of operations. Also, after the registration, you will be given a referral link which is to be shared for having additional income.


Our specialists developed for you profitable tariff plans investing in which you can stably and continuously have earnings for several months. The money will have been being transferred to your account during the whole investment period.

Generally, on the site are three tariff plans: Standard, Classic, and Elit. Each of them is differently profitable and means different investment terms. Every plan has its own income rate: 0,8%-1,2% and investment period within 150-200 days. You can invest any amount from 50 to 99999 USD.

Receive profits

Investing, you contribute to the platform’s development. Our specialists use investors’ funds and share them for implementing and maintaining the main directions of the company’s activity and having profits.

Invested funds are used by our specialists for conducting financial and currency exchange operations. Every operation on the platform is followed by commissions for using a certain service. When the tariff plan is over, the income is shared between investors according to their invested amounts.

Money withdraw

During every investment period, you will receive profits from your investments. You can reinvest them or use withdraw and transfer to another e-wallet. To do this you need to accept withdraw in your account.

There is a manual withdrawn type on the site. You can do this every day and at any time. The money will be transferred to your payment system within 5 business days after the operation is confirmed. However, you don’t have to withdraw your money. You can reinvest your income or a part of it in a tariff plan in order to start a new investment process.