In this section are collected answers to all the most frequently asked questions. If you haven’t found the answer to your one, contact our support service.

  • What is the main activity of the company?

    We are an international company which deals with currency exchange and develops various services connected with e-money management. Our clients invest in our tariff plans and we implement them due to our currency exchange service to provide income. Also, our experts work on creating our own payment system.

  • Who can become your investor?

    Every full age person is able to invest regardless of the location, level of income and social status.

  • How can I start investments?

    For this, you need to get registered on the site, choose a tariff plan, and make your first deposit.

  • What are your advantages?

    Our team includes only professional staff with not less than 7 years of working experience in the financial sphere. They develop optimal investment projects. High-qualified financial management helps us minimize risks providing our investors with high-income rates.

  • For what has been developed this website?

    This website is an international platform which allows users from all over the world make earnings doing investments and contributing company’s development. Also, soon on the site will be available currency exchange service and our own payment system.

  • How many accounts can I have?

    A user can have only one account. Administration of the site has a right to block any additional account with all the money on a balance.

  • What payment systems can I use?

    We support the most widely used and universal payment systems: PerfectMoney, Visa, MasterCard, Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether.

  • What is the currency of the deposit?

    It depends on your payment system’s type.

  • What is the deposit amount?

    The deposit amount range from 20 USD to 99999 USD. The sum influences the tariff plan you choose.

  • Can I reinvest my income?

    Withdrawing money when a tariff plan has run out is not required. You can instantly reinvest your income in other tariff plans.

  • Can I invest without a deposit?

    Depositing is not required. Form your investment due to incomes from participating in the referral programs and use these funds.

  • Is there any risk to lose money?

    Investment risks always exist. However, our experts do their best to make the process of investment as safe and profitable as it is possible.

  • Can I use several tariff plans?

    Yes, you can use one or several tariff plans at the same time.

  • What tariff plan is better to choose?

    Choose the tariff plan according to your preferences, goals, and budget. Each of them has its own advantages and means minimum risks. Use our calculator of income in order to determine the needed amount of funds for investment. It will help you accurately to count the amount of income investing a certain amount of money in a certain tariff plan. Also, it can show you the needed amount of funds for getting a certain income rate.

  • What is the minimal withdraw amount?

    You can withdraw from the site to electronic wallets at least $ 2, € 5 or ₽ 300.

    For bank cards at least 3000 ₽.

    Crypto currencies - equivalent to $ 10.

  • How exactly are paid earnings?

    The site provides a manual type of payment. A fixed commission for each withdrawal operation on bank cards is set at 5%. There is no commission for withdrawing funds to electronic payment systems.

  • In how much time will money reach my e-wallet?

    The funds will be credited to the account within 72 hours after the transaction is confirmed. Bank transfers - within 5 business days.

  • On what e-wallet will be money transferred?

    The money will be transferred to the wallet from which was made a deposit.

  • Do I have to withdraw money?

    No, it is not required. You can reinvest your income to get more profits.

  • In what currency can I withdraw money?

    In the currency of the deposit.

  • What to do if the money is not transferred to my e-wallet for a long time?

    Contact our support service. Specialists will do their best to solve your problem as soon as it is possible.

  • How often can I withdraw money?

    Withdrawal operations are available every day at any time. Process is limited to one request per day for each currency.

  • Do you have a referral program?

    Yes, on the site is available a multi level referral program. Under which you can provide yourself with passive income getting profits from invited users and those who were invited by them. Also, your income depends on your status.

  • Who can participate in the referral program?

    Participation is accepted for every registered user.

  • How many referral links can I have?

    Every user gets only one referral link. Changing it or having several ones, isn't allowed.

  • Can I withdraw my referral income?

    Yes, you can regularly withdraw your referral income or form it into investments.

  • What is status / referral program?

    Under this program, the user can receive additional bonuses depending on the status he received. The higher the status - the higher the level of income.

  • What statuses are there?

    Generally, there are 9 statuses on the site: «Basic» is given to users initially and means 5% bonuses of referrals’ deposits depending on their levels. Then, there are 8 stages of the status program, each of which is attained after you and your referrals make a turnover equal to a certain amount. The higher is the status, the more income you have. Also, the higher is your status, the higher is your referral income which you from deposits of your referrals.

  • How to raise status?

    To raise it, a user and referrals have to make a summary turnover equal to a certain amount.

  • Is there a bonus for getting a new status?

    Yes, getting the higher status you receive a prize as an additional income or deposit bonus. The amount of the reward depends on the level you have. Also, every new status means a nice bonus.

Payment systems

On the site are available all the most popular payment systems. Use them in order to make a deposit or withdrawals.